Merlin has a long history of supplying operational support during seismic operations of the drilling of exploration and appraisal wells. Support is provided either in-house or through carefully selected and highly experienced associates or associate companies. Merlin has successfully managed safe, on-budget wells yielding discoveries in the UK North Sea, in mainland Europe and in the Black Sea. The In-house multidisciplinary team at Merlin produces reliable prognoses which benefit from a full understanding of the prospect or target begin targeted. As a result the associated well-planning documentation (PDDP, Well Plans etc) is robust and comprehensive. Post-well follow up and reporting is equally thorough, with timely delivery of end of well reports and composite logs in appropriate digital or hard-copy formats. Merlin uses and recommends Geologix GEO® for composite log generation.

Core Competencies

Geological Well Planning
Produce a geological programme including Geological Hazard Analysis, Pressure and Temperature Profiles, Formation Evaluation Objectives, and a Data Acquisition programme.

Geophysical Well Planning
Produce a geophysical programme, to cover recommendations for check shot or VSP surveys. Evaluate the need for real time velocity modelling during operations, and/or intermediate check-shot/VSP runs.

Service tender review
Perform a tender review for Geological service providers, including wellsite services and post well analytical services.

Geological Well Operations Management
Manage the geological operations during well drilling including geological interpretation, geosteering, casing point selection, log QC and evaluation. The well delivery team has 24 hour availability for operations-critical decision making. This can also involve logistical management of wireline and mudlogging contractors.

Post well analyses management & supervision
Arrange and manage geological analysis programmes including Core analysis and description, log and VSP processing, Image Log Analysis, Biostratigraphy, Geochemistry and Fluid sample analysis. Liaise with specialist contractors (e.g. for SCAL). Provide updates of analytical programmes to client.

Final Data Management & Reporting
Manage the final data reporting to client, partners and regulatory bodies, (eg: DECC), within an established timeframe. Perform data QA/QC on log data and all final deliverables.


The Merlin team has provided geological operations management and support to over 40 international exploration, appraisal and production wells - including 4 horizontal wells.

Merlin has experience and track record of working with many international drilling management teams including SPD Well Engineering, Global Well Engineering, Peak Well Management (now AGR), Senergy, Helix RDS (now BHI) and Firstdrill Drilling management. We have also provided operations management embedded within clients' offices.

Close integration with the Merlin project team ensures readily available geoscience support for operational decision making and continuity of service. The broad experience base of the team includes wellsite geology and logging operations supervision, Geophysics, Seismic interpretation, Petrophysics, Image Log Interpretation and Data Management.

We have well established relationships with many specialist service providers and geological consultants in order to provide and manage bespoke analytical programmes.

Office based with facilities and connectivity for real time operations monitoring and management, e.g. during geosteering operations or wireline sampling programmes.