Merlin Data rooms

For most projects the end result is the preparation of the asset for commercialisation, usually through a farm-out exercise. The Merlin team is well practiced in gathering all necessary data and documentation to support a farm-out. This is likely to include 'cleaned up' workstation projects, such as Kingdom®, ODM, and ArcGIS. Data room documentation is likely to involve technical farm-out presentations, or may extend to an Information Memorandum.

Merlin is able to offer a range of data room hosting services. Clients can make use of our offices in the scenic town of Ledbury, where we can provide a conference room for corporate presentations, combined with a separate workstation room for private data browsing. Unlike many data room facilities, the facility enjoys full support from both technical and geoscience staff. Merlin can cover the full logistics, including the provision of food and (historic) hotel accommodation, together with fully-insured transport to and from a range of stations or airports. Our aim is to provide bespoke data rooms with informative and effective presentation of client data and the ability to run software in real-time.

If clients prefer, we can also support data rooms at clients' offices or designated third party venues.