Merlin Datawise

Through Merlin Datawise, we have the ability to provide robust E&P data management of high quality to our clients, integrated closely with the E&P projects we undertake. Data management covers capturing comprehensive metadata for both physical and logical data items, cataloguing data and ensuring data integrity and completeness. Merlin Datawise also stores physical items, can capture well logs and documents to digital images and can arrange media transcription or copying.

In Merlin's experience, data management is not a "nice to have" service which E&P companies can avoid or minimise. Lack of data management from day one always results in significant costs, missed opportunities or even big mistakes down the line. Please click through to the independent Merlin Datawise website for full detail of the services offered.

Merlin Datawise also acts independently of the Merlin geoscience consultancy and, for such clients, a strictly enforced Chinese wall is operated to prevent breaches of client data confidentiality.