Merlin provides a full start-up service, delivering a complete 'interpretation ready' workstation project from an often disparate initial dataset. The data are initially compiled into industry standard data types, such as LAS and SEGY, and can then be loaded into our preferred software platforms. Our data loading capabilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Project creation (e.g. IHS Kingdom®, ODM, Petrel)
  • 2D/3D seismic loading (from SEGY, or we can organise scanning and vectorisation from paper/film/file).
  • Wireline log loading (from LIS/LAS/DLIS/other, or we can organise scanning and digitisation).
  • Culture data digitising and loading. (Often including pre-existing mapping for new projects).
  • Digitisation of geoscience mapping (e.g. time and depth mapping, reservoir properties etc.)
  • GIS data can be compiled and loaded to various platforms, such as ArcGIS and Global Mapper™ including digitisation if required.
  • We can research and apply correct transformations for data types in various projection systems.
  • Static reservoir models can be loaded from various industry standard formats into JewelSuite™ or Petrel.

Many of our clients also make use of the integrated service offered by Merlin Datawise who can provide full cataloguing service, as well as long term data management and storage. This has been especially helpful for small start-up companies, embarking on a new venture.