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Merlin is a consultancy with over 250 years of combined E&P experience. Merlin's trusted team has worked with clients on assets in 66 countries delivering 24 successful exploration wells. Our dedicated team of geologists and geophysicists enjoy developing long term seamless relationships with clients, a fact echoed by our testimonials and satisfied customers.

Our Mission

We pride ourselves on being honest, reliable and focused on delivering value and success in everything we do. We treat every project as if it was our own and believe in dedicated solutions to achieve outstanding results.

What we Do

As a close-knit and integrated team, we are committed to providing a wide range of technical services encompassing all aspects of the E&P lifecycle. Merlin quickly evaluates its clients' needs and delivers succinct advice and high class technical support.

Applications Across the Energy Lifecycle

New Opportunities

New Opportunities

Data Room Evaluations

Technical Evaluation of Data Packs

Licence Round Screening

Asset Screening at Promotional Events

Mature Asset Evaluations

Technical Evaluation and Portfolio Build

Technical Evaluation & Portfolio Build

Project Initiation

Exploration Evaluation

Portfolio Build

Licence Application

Project Execution

Project Execution

Pre-Drill Planning


Post-Drill Evaluation

Seismic Programme Planning



Farm-Out Support

Data Room Hosting

Marketing at Promotional Events

Competent Person's Reports

Appraisal and Development

Appraisal & Development

Appraisal Studies

Development Studies

Locate The Remaining Oil Studies

Production Benchmarking



Flow Zone Modelling

Spatial Distribution of Pore Pressures

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Intelligent analysis of your reservoir, founded on robust geological principles. From detailed field-scale reservoir analysis to basin-scale palaeo-facies and mapping of gross depositional elements.


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Merlin applies its industry-leading expertise to unlock all aspects of biostratigraphy, lithostratigraphy and chronostratigraphy, whether at the reservoir or basin-scale. Without this framework, E&P evaluations are often fatally flawed leading to incorrect decision making and significant erosion of asset value.


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Building on the stratigraphic framework, the petroleum system is placed in a sequence stratigraphic context, integrating well and seismic interpretations. This reveals the detail, such as exploration reservoir fairways or the true in-field reservoir correlations, leading to correct decision making on seismic and drilling campaigns.


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Petrophysical analyses that are focused on addressing the critical elements that drive asset value, whether for designing well completions, evaluating exploration prospectivity or defining discovered volumes.


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Over 22 years, Merlin has provided advice and support for drilling operations on circa 50 exploration, appraisal and development wells. Merlin has often provided the entire well delivery team or has alternatively formed part of the client's in-house team. Operational decisions are made quickly, in order to minimise costs, whilst maximising the chance of a positive outcome. Our stats speak for themselves!


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Merlin carries out static modelling in close coordination with the client's project team, to ensure that the work flow addresses the critical issues that will drive asset value. Merlin ensures that upscaling and connectivity are carefully considered to deliver a seamless interface with industry standard dynamic simulators.


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Merlin applies industry-standard play fairway mapping techniques to identify play 'sweet spots' for exploration drilling and to under-pin an efficient drilling strategy. 'Common Risk Segment' mapping can also be employed to capture the relative risk and value of alternative drilling strategies.


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Applying industry-standard techniques for evaluating the risk and success based outcomes of exploration portfolios or appraisal/development drilling. Both deterministic and probabilistic approaches are employed and the SPE PRMS system is employed where necessary. Merlin takes a pragmatic approach, with the focus firmly on delivering information that supports commercial decisions.



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2D and 3D seismic interpretations that are focused on delivering confident 'decision-making' maps. Merlin's strength is in integrating well data, stratigraphy, rock physics and structural principles to ensure that the seismic interpretation reveals the true picture. Interpretations are pragmatic and driven by expert geological knowledge.


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Sounds trivial, but the well-to-seismic tie is the most important step in a seismic interpretation and is so often done badly. Seismic interpretations that are based on flawed well ties lead to the wrong decisions being made, wasted CAPEX and negative consequences for corporate reputation. Merlin focuses on getting it right.


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Merlin applies depth conversion strategies that address the primary uncertainties of each project. These may be simple, where top structure will not affect a drilling decision, or can be sophisticated if trap risk or GRV uncertainty are the key focus.


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Merlin prides itself on delivering interpretations that integrate structural information from well and seismic data to reveal the critical details of prospects and fields. Drilling decisions need to be made on robust maps that make structural sense. So often they are not, and avoidable drilling failures are the result!


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Exploration and appraisal well failures are often drilled on the basis of 'slam dunk' DHIs. Merlin performs rock physics studies, using Ikon's Rokdoc® software suite, that are focused on validating seismic responses and thus supporting truly objective drilling decisions. Rock Physics is also used to conduct inversion feasibility studies so that informed investment decisions can be made on seismic acquisition, processing and inversion projects.


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Both pre- and post-stack attribute analysis is carried out in parallel with the rock physics work flow. This integrated approach is designed to ensure that drilling decisions are based on reality and thus expensive 'amplitude chasing' well failures can be avoided.


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Merlin uses the Kingdom® Suite to deliver the coloured inversion work flow initially pioneered by BP. Merlin has successfully applied coloured inversion to field development situations with outstanding drilling results.


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Merlin is able to support your seismic data gathering exercise by defining survey areas and parameters. We can provide expert geological input to processing teams e.g. when picking velocities in the velocity domain. We can assist you as you acquire data in the time domain (PSTM) and develop structural and velocity models enabling advanced processing to the depth domain (PSDM). Merlin act as your connection to your survey by liaising between various third party organizations running and monitoring operations. Good technical QC at all stages can reduce costs and improve the character and value of the final dataset.


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Gravity and magnetic data are often over-interpreted with little consideration of uncertainties, leading to expensive mistakes on investment decisions. Merlin undertakes balanced and pragmatic interpretation and modelling of the data to give the advice you need to hear. Merlin will only advise on further data acquisition if it will add value to the asset.



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Often non-technical managers, from CEO downwards, require an experienced third party to review a major investment decision. Merlin can advise senior managers and will only recommend actions that protect the client's assest value and corporate reputation.


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Merlin is often asked "Does the well that my technical team is proposing make sense?" or "Why is my technical team is not delivering results?". Merlin can review the situation as a one-off, or as part of a structured QA process, and report back to management with recommendations.


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Do you have a young, talented but inexperienced technical team? If so, Merlin's principal technical experts can help to guide your staff and ensure that their technical work is fit-for-purpose and properly focused towards a commercial goal. One-off reviews or a retained mentoring/coaching arrangement can be provided.


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Merlin often acts as the client's extended 'in house' technical team and supports all appropriate engagement with governmental authorities, such as TCMs, work programme discussions, technical reporting, and PSC requirements.


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Merlin frequently supports clients' interaction with the markets, though IPOs, technical advice for RNS releases, Admission Documents, Capital Markets events or Corporate reports. We understand that positive market perception under-pins all E&P activities.


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Merlin has an experienced geophysical team that can help you to plan for a successful survey campaign. Whether it be 2D seismic, 3D seismic or airborne gravity and magnetics, we can work with you and the survey team to ensure you obtain what you need to succeed in your exploration campaign.


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Merlin has been involved in the safe and efficient operation of circa 50 exploration and appraisal wells. Good operational efficiency is driven by a carefully compiled plan and detailed understanding of the subsurface. Choosing the correct wireline tools to deliver the data you need can save you money and provide value to your drilling campaign. Merlin can help you to put together well programmes, pre-drilling drill packs (PDDPs) and assist with drilling wells on paper (DWOPs) or peer reviews of work undertaken by your own in house teams.


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Merlin has over 20 years experience in hosting data rooms and representing clients on buy and sell sides. We understand the challenges of commercialising projects and can work with you to ensure a successful partnership is developed with potential investors or undertake reviews of potential assets if you are seeking to expand your own portfolio.


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Merlin can help you to compile the documentation required for Competent Persons Reporting (CPR) and ensure your assets are presented accurately and to SPE standards during third party evaluation.

Complementary Services

Merlin works with our Associates and selected third-party providers to deliver a range of additional services as part of a larger integrated team. These relationships cover:

Reservoir and Petroleum Engineering
Merlin has a long standing alliance with Belltree Ltd. with whom we deliver projects that fully integrate industry leading Reservoir Engineering and Petroleum Engineering workflows. Together, we can also deploy Belltree's game-changing benchmarking software (bMarkTM) or carry out 'Locate The Remaining Oil' studies.
Core and Cuttings Analysis
The critical step in obtaining value from your samples, from core logging to SCAL.
Understand the impact of sensitivities on your project and plan ahead knowing the value of data and decisions.
Image Log Analysis
A critical step in understanding the detailed architecture of your reservoirs and seals. Derive critical information regarding fracture patterns and the present day stress field.
Seismic Programme: Detailed Design and Operational QC
Fine-tune the survey design and budget to your value-adding subsurface requirements. Ensure safe and efficient seismic acquisition on land or at sea.
Seismic Processing Expert QC
Ensure you get the best out of your data. Please contact us to discuss building a broader solution using the combined powers of our network.

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As a G&G partner, Merlin deliver high-quality studies in a clear format allowing our management team to effectively screen investment opportunities. The Merlin team work closely alongside our own, contributing a valuable external perspective.

Grant Knight Amromco

The quality of the technical work provided is of the highest standard and is complemented by effective client liaison and impressive turnaround times. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Merlin to any company that has a requirement for subsurface evaluation services offered by this dedicated and specialist group of professionals.

Technical Director London

Merlin's dedicated professional team consistently delivers a high standard of ongoing support to our subsurface activities.

Steve Jenkins, Chairman Savannah Petroleum PLC

Excalibur Exploration is a client of Merlin Energy Resources. Over the last year they have worked for us on our two Irish Licensing Options, particularly in the North Celtic Sea Basin. What we have found particularly valuable is the close working relationships that quickly developed. The ease with-which we can get a response from them, even when the appropriate team member is away from the Merlin home office, has been much appreciated. The quality of their technical work is excellent and it has been carried out at a very reasonable price.

Dr. Richard Stabbins, Chairman Excalibur Exploration Ltd.

As CEO and Director of various companies over the past 20 years, Merlin has worked for me as a client of Medusa Oil Limited, Ramco Energy plc, Aurelian Oil & Gas PLC and Trajan Resources Limited. In the main, the activities covered have been focused on exploration in Central Europe where Merlin's expertise in both geology and geophysics has been absolutely invaluable. Merlin comprises a small group of dedicated professionals, whose experience in their various fields and the willingness to combine this in providing a personal service is second to none.

Michael Seymour, M.D. Trajan Resources Ltd.

Your great strength in the Lebanon Project (and in other work you have done for us....) lies in the fact that you just get on with the important things and don't need to be managed intensively.

We needed to compile an integrated interpretation and you have all the skills under one roof to do that. You accessed academic publications that we overlooked, and brought in new ideas (especially around stratigraphy) that proved valuable. In addition you worked well as a team with our other consultants and combined effectively with them. Lastly - it is good that you captured all your work in a report; too often we lose the product of our labours.

Richard Wilson, Operations Manager JX Nippon Exploration & Production (U.K.) Limited.

Merlin have been providing geological and geophysical consultancy services and support to Trapoil for the past two years. The quality of the technical work provided is of the highest standard and is complemented by effective client liaison and impressive turnaround times. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Merlin to any company that has a requirement for subsurface evaluation services offered by this dedicated and specialist group of professionals.

Martin David, Manager – Exploration and Licences Jersey Oil & Gas

Merlin organised and led an excellent integrated field trip and technical seminar for the whole [Aurelian] exploration team ; this was a perfect combination of geoscience master class and discussion of live exploration projects in the classroom followed immediately by time in the field examining primarily structural but also stratigraphic elements pertinent to the subsurface challenges we were tackling. The balance worked extremely well and was supported with an excellent field guide; going beyond the normal as it also included sufficient theoretical and practical published material to illustrate and expand on the geometries and relationships observed in the field. The combination meant field learning's were directly applicable into exploration and development issues currently being worked by the company. Tim Wright and Phil Copestake are excellent leaders and balanced encouraging participants to develop their own observation skills with their own extensive local and literature knowledge to widen the value of the trip far above that of a show and tell. The outcrops were excellent and accommodation and catering much appreciated by the trip participants. I am planning to work again with Merlin on a similar trip next year.

John Smallwood, (ex) Exploration Director Aurelian

Merlin has been providing geological and geophysical consultancy services to Lansdowne Oil & Gas for more than eight years and we have been delighted with the work they have performed. Merlin have assisted us with planning and executing 2D and 3D seismic programmes, have subsequently interpreted and mapped the data and carried the work flow through prospect identification and quantification. Particular strengths of Merlin are the timely manner in which projects have been carried out, the very personalised nature of the service they provide and the range of skills within the team. In addition to regional and prospect scale geoscience work they have also provided specialist support in petrophysics, structural geology and biostratigraphy.

Steve Boldy, CEO Lansdowne Oil & Gas plc


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