The Merlin team can help you to make vital decisions on potential additions to your corporate portfolios. Asset screening can be approached in many ways, from data room attendance through to full basin-wide studies at the country entry stage. We are equipped to carry out studies any scale, and will provide a result that is tailored to the client's corporate requirements. The main services offered are:

Merlin can send a technical team to assess a data room on behalf of clients. Merlin often attends data rooms either as a stand-alone exercise, or as part of a wider screening programme. Data rooms can be for single assets, or can cover multiple licence areas, as is often the case for international new ventures. We will assess the data on offer and report back to the client on the value of the offering, tailored to the client's corporate requirements.

The Merlin team is tasked with performing a quick, but thorough, evaluation of a data pack. This may have a pre-conceived block ranking, or may be a wide-ranging objective review. This will typically involve all aspects of geophysical and geological studies, and a review of all documentation within the data pack. The result is a risked portfolio of opportunities (as data allow) and a clear recommendation to the client. If required, these New Venture studies can be aimed at a full basin-scale evaluation, with play mapping and integrated petroleum system modelling to allow the ranking of exploration blocks.

Recent examples of areas worked are the Eastern Mediterranean, Bolivia, Montenegro and Albania for small to medium sized operators.

Merlin has very considerable experience in the UK, both onshore and offshore. We frequently conduct UK licencing round screening for clients, tailored to their requirements. Merlin also carries out similar evaluations on international rounds, including country visits as requested by the client.

These studies vary from regional high level block screening through to detailed evaluations of high-graded blocks on offer. The result of the latter will usually be a complete evaluation of exploration risk and volumetrics, with a recommendation of potential work programmes. Merlin can also carry this work all the way through to the submission of a block application, should the client decide to progress.

Many of our clients find it impossible to cover all possible events. Merlin often forms part of the 'New Ventures' team, by attending these events on their behalves, and providing a summary on the key elements of all the opportunities on offer. This will be focused on the key technical and commercial requirements of the client, and often results in a list of opportunities to follow-up in data rooms.

Merlin can also perform an assessment of development opportunities or producing assets. These may take the form of an 'open' data room exercise, or a higher level screening of the offer based on a mixture of proprietary and public domain data. Through our teaming agreement with Belltree, we can also apply their powerful Production Benchmarking tool.

Recent examples of these studies include the screening of a series of gas fields in South America for a large multi-national, and potential North Sea company purchase on behalf of an investment fund.