Merlin supports appraisal and development programmes through our in-house geoscience capabilities. Perhaps the most visible example of this was the success of Nautical Petroleum's Kraken Field, for which Merlin acted as the sub-surface team. Through our teaming relationship with the Belltree Group, we have the power to re-evaluate exploration, appraisal and development assets, applying the 'Locate the Remaining Oil' technique and leveraging Belltree's industry-leading production Bench-marking approach. We can provide:

These studies may involve the build of a sub-surface static model from scratch, involving a wide range of sub-surface disciplines. Alternatively, clients can supply the Merlin team with pre-existing data and models, which we will critically review. If Reservoir Engineering disciplines are required, we can assess and build dynamic reservoir models, and carry analyses through to a Notional Field Development Plan.

Merlin's geoscience skills, in conjunction with the engineering expertise of Belltree, provide a powerful integrated project team for development studies.

The Merlin and Belltree teams have successfully completed a number of 'Locate The Remaining Oil' projects. This specialist approach identifies key in-fill drilling targets for our clients, by seamlessly combining high quality sub-surface geoscience with engineering disciplines.

Belltree's industry-leading Production Benchmarking Tool can be applied as a reality check. This may form the culmination of a detailed study, or to review a third party's own production forecast.