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Our mantra is pragmatism, not overkill. We are attentive to the needs of every client to ensure that we deliver real benefit; being mindful that one size does not fit all. We build trusted relationships so that we understand you as an individual as well as your business. We stand ready to support you whenever a need arises.

Our Mission

We optimise your data capital so you can do business better. We enable easy access to clean, filtered and in-context data to keep your business flowing.

What we Do

Good quality data will always underpin success. We take pride in the clean-up and FORMing of your data into reliable, actionable digital business assets that reinforce confident and informed decision making. We offer services to suit your business, wherever your business may be on its journey to digital maturity. We are all about adding value to your data assets to deliver improved efficiency, productivity and cost savings.



Automated Keyword Extraction

Keyword & keyphrase extraction service to release value from unstructured text-based data

Services - Find - Organise - Retrieve - Maximise - Support - (FORM-S)


Locate & Evaluate

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Build a complete overview of your entire data inventory and storage environments - know their status - good and bad.

Remove or Retain

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Don't keep administrative data longer than necessary through a clear retention schedule. Ensure needed items are kept. Avoid keeping media beyond its shelf life and risk data loss.

Data Obligations

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Data owner obligations and responsibilities managed for you. For example seismic release, NDR, PON9.

Business Continuity Digital media backups

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Copies of safety or business critical documents / data in digital form for use in emergency situations. Securely stored in our rigorously controlled environment to ensure optimum preservation.

Storage of Physical assets (temporary)

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We can store legacy data materials and media that are pending digitalisation. E.g. archive boxes, rolled maps, drawings, seismic and well log films. Open shelf library document storage is also available.


Data Cleanse

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  • Consolidation: Eradicate duplication and redundant data.
  • Completeness Checks: Visual assessment of completeness for data sets.
  • Add Structure: Don't require a full Content Services solution right now? Organise cleaned up data into a fit for purpose structure. Ideally accompanied by an Inventory Catalogue.
  • Confidential Disposal: Certified secure data disposal via trusted third-party providers.


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Specialising in large format scanning, we transform physical items to the digital environment for archive, backup or project foundations.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

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Ensure digital scanned images have searchable content.

Basic Metadata Indexing

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Key bibliographic and administrative metadata captured for both physical and logical items.

Inventory Catalogue

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The most simple recommended way of managing your data, a catalogue of searchable metadata with location and link information for your data items including file listings for digital media.


Metadata Taxonomy

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What metadata properties are required to adequately/fully describe your data? Use a predefined or custom taxonomy from the outset to ensure contextual metadata is applied and populated consistently, and integrates with any regulatory requirements.

Data Migrations

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Advice and assistance with switching to a new or different Inventory Catalogue or Content Services Platform. Wholesale data migrations are not always necessary with certain solutions.

Content Service Platforms

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Step-up from a simple file sharing service, Inventory Catalogue and/or directory structures to a full Content Service Management Platform and benefit from a single integrated ecosystem for all your data, metadata, and workflows.

Version Control

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Improve document versioning for legacy data and establish control over future data so users know the correct version of a document to use - aiding effective business decision making.

Data Workflows

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Get control of how data enters and flows through your organisation. Ensure that approvals are auditable and visible, and the right people are connected with the right data.



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Semi-automated document keyword and keyphrase extraction using Keywise. Cheaper than full technical indexing but delivers significant value.

Deep (expert) Indexing

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Apply the experience and knowledge of a domain expert to any set of reports or documents to extract maximum insight for your metadata. Particularly useful for discrete project or dataroom datasets.

Business Process Mapping

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Capture and document business processes that exist in your organisation. The maps provide an overview and opportunity to identify redundant or inefficient processes, and ongoing practices that may risk data fidelity or security.


Friendly & Impartial Advice

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Pragmatic planning, assistance and support to find the right data solution for your business, ensuring that data driven processes are effective and efficient.

Virtual Data Management Team

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Extend your existing data management provisions to include extra white glove support… or go all the way and let us act as your virtual Data Management team.

Dataset Compilation

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Identify, collate and flag dataroom sets and operational responsibility data.

Bespoke Solutions

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FORM the solution that is right for your organisation. Cherry pick and bundle service components from our FORM offerings to create a custom bundle and benefit from preferential terms.

Managed Media Transcription

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We can organise and oversee media transcription on your behalf - using suppliers we trust based on our years of experience.

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Alpha Petroleum Resources Limited (formally ATP Oil & Gas) has used Merlin Datawise as its data storage repository for a number of years and has found the services provided by Datawise to be not only very efficient but most importantly cost effective too

The services have been customised to meet Alpha's needs and the company provides excellent turnaround for its digital and hardcopy data, copying and distribution. The expert team at Merlin understand all the data types and always ask the right questions to ensure first rate data entry and excellent search and retrieval. Useful review meetings are provided to make sure data that the storage needs of Alpha Petroleum are being fully met.

Alan Bird, Data Manager Alpha Petroleum Resources Limited

Spectrum Data Management has always found the staff at Merlin Datawise to be very pleasant, helpful, and knowledgeable about archiving seismic data. When performing our annual offsite storage audit of our data at Merlin Spectrum Data Management staff has always received a warm welcome and valuable feedback of our archive process. For this audit process Merlin provided British Standards Institute recommendations for digital media preservation and detailed records of compliance with these standards. Their historical knowledge of seismic data surveys, thorough inventory, and willingness to share their experience has aided in Spectrum's development of Seismic Data Inventory Policies and Procedures.

Kathy Burris, Multi-Client Data Manager USA Spectrum Geo Inc.

One of the most important Merlin's strength is communication even in complex topics. Over the past few years I was dealing with few service companies and with Merlin I know that all will be done right because of their quality and responsiveness.

Anna Kordek, Multi Client Data Manager Spectrum Geo Ltd

Summit Exploration and Production Ltd has been a customer of Merlin Datawise for ten years, and I have personally used them for longer than that when I worked for other companies. I have found the staff to be extremely knowledgeable about the data that they are storing. This makes information searches and retrievals efficient and rapid when requested.

We found their service to be much better than other offsite suppliers with the result that we have now consolidated all our offsite data storage with Merlin.

Richard Inwards, IT Manager Summit Exploration and Production Limited


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