Merlin's track record, since inception in 1998, speaks for itself. The Merlin team has delivered over 400 projects for more than 120 clients. Merlin has a remarkable global reach, for a small consultancy, with technical work carried out in 53 countries across the globe. We are currently active in 14.

Merlin has provided the geological and geophysical operations team for 36 client wells. From these we have scored a 72% technical success rate for exploration wells, and 86% for appraisals. That demonstrates the power of an integrated project team targeting your wells! Six 'Merlin-targeted' fields are now under development. These include one of the biggest recent success stories on the UKCS, the Kraken Field. For this, Merlin provided the sub-surface team that guided Nautical Petroleum, and took the project right through from exploration to appraisal.

Through Merlin's teaming agreement with Belltree, we are now building a robust reputation for conducting high class field rehabilitation studies. This further adds to the emerging Merlin success story. But don't just take it from us, please see what our clients have to say.

Exploration Well Success Rate
Appraisal Well Success Rate