• Philip Copestake (Ph.D)

    Philip Copestake (PhD)

    Principal Geologist/Stratigrapher, Director

    Petroleum Geoscientist/Stratigrapher with over 30 years of global oil and gas industry experience, with operating companies and in the service sector, in both technical and management capacities.

    Petroleum exploration geoscience - Prospect evaluation - Sequence stratigraphy and biostratigraphy - New ventures evaluations and screening.

    Previous Employment: IHS | IEDS | BP | Britoil | BNOC | Robertson Research

  • Sarah Dominey (M.Sc)

    Sarah Dominey (MSc)

    Geologist/Image Log Specialist

    A Geologist with over 7 years of experience in exploration and appraisal studies, with a specialism for the structural and sedimentological interpretation of image logs.

    Image log analysis and interpretation - Core and image log integration - Petrophysics - Exploration geology - GIS support.

    Previous Employment: Task Geoscience

  • John Donato (Ph.D)

    John Donato (PhD)

    Principal Geophysicist

    Consultant Geophysicist with over 30 years of experience in UK and international oil and gas exploration.

    2D/3D seismic interpretation - Evaluation of exploration and producing assets - Potential field data analyst.

    Previous Employment: Clyde Petroleum | Goal Petroleum plc | BGS | Texaco

  • Elle Lashko

    Elle Lashko (MSc)


    Geoscientist and Technical Assistant - Data loading and workstation project set-up - GIS support - 2D/3D seismic interpretation.

    Particular interests in structural geology and salt tectonics.

  • Owain Lavis (M.Sc)

    Owain Lavis (MSc)


    Geoscientist and Technical Assistant; responsibilities include IHS Kingdom™, Petrel™, IC™ & GIS software support, data loading and workstation project set-up. MSc Petroleum Geoscience graduate with Distinction from the University of Manchester, awarded the BP Prize for Best Thesis 2015 (on gas hydrates). Particular interests in frontier exploration, basin analysis and seismic interpretation. Joined Merlin in October 2015.

  • Fiona Lawrance (B.Sc)

    Fiona Lawrance (BSc)

    Business Administration Manager

    Company accounts and administration - Geoscience technical assistance - Data loading and workstation project set-up.

    Previous Employment: Clyde Petroleum | Hunt United Corp. | Neste Exploration Ltd.

  • Tony Loy

    Tony Loy (PhD)

    Senior Geologist/Stratigrapher

    Over 30 years of experience in the petroleum industry as a Consultant Geologist, Stratigrapher and Biostratigrapher. Experience gained in Europe, Africa and South America for both major oil companies and smaller independents, in addition to working as an associate consultant to various consultancy groups.

    Previous Employment: A&HML Services | Paltec | Industrial Palynology Unit, University of Sheffield | Exploration Logging

  • Eleanor Oldham (M.Sc)

    Eleanor Oldham (MSc)

    Geophysicist/Rock Physicist

    A Consultant Exploration Geophysicist with over 5 years of experience, having a thorough background in a range of geophysical techniques and a specialism in rock physics.

    Rock physics and quantitative seismic interpretation - 2D/3D seismic interpretation and mapping.

  • Andy Sims (Ph.D)

    Andy Sims (PhD)

    Chartered Geologist, Director

    A Chartered Geologist with over 34 years of experience in exploration, development and production geoscience in UK and international petroleum areas.

    Reservoir description, quantification & model building - Petrophysical analysis and volumetric determination - Geoscience application and IT support.

    Previous Employment: Clyde Petroleum | Britoil

  • Bill Wilks (Ph.D)

    Bill Wilks (PhD)

    Principal Geophysicist, Director

    A Geophysicist with over 23 years of broad global experience in exploration and appraisal, with the majority spent with operating oil companies.

    Geologically-driven seismic interpretation at all scales - Exploration/appraisal evaluations and portfolio build - Structural interpretation - Play based exploration - Integration of rock property modelling - Integration of non-seismic methods for opportunity de-risking - New ventures evaluations and screening.

    Previous Employment: Petroleum Development Oman | Sarawak Shell | Shell UK | Maersk Oil and Gas | BG | Ikoda | Scott Pickford

  • Tim Wright (Ph.D)

    Tim Wright (PhD)

    Senior Geoscientist

    Consultant Geoscientist specialising in 2D and 3D imaging, structural interpretation and field mapping. Over 7 years of industry experience, plus 5 years of post graduate practical and teaching experience in the field of hydrocarbon exploration.

    Structural analysis - Integration of field mapping - Interpretation of 2D/3D seismic data for exploration and prospect characterisation - Portfolio build